By Suzanne Meade

A Terrible Tide

In two hours, all she knew was washed away.

November 18th, 1929. In her small village in Newfoundland, Celia is setting the table for her 13th birthday celebration when the house starts to shake. It’s an earthquake, rumbling under the Atlantic Ocean. A few hours later, the sea water disappears from the harbor, only to rush back in a wave almost 30 feet high, destroying nearly everything in its path. Buildings, boats, and winter supplies of fish and food are washed away, and Celia and her community are devastated. With their only phone line cut off and no safe route to get help, they are isolated and facing a long, cold, hungry winter.

Their house destroyed and village in ruins, Celia and her family must band together and share the work needed for the community to survive. Can Celia find the courage to help her injured loved ones? Will help arrive before it’s too late?

Based on the true story of an earthquake that shook Newfoundland’s Burin Peninsula, A Terrible Tide tells the tale of this forgotten disaster from the point of view of a young girl whose life is turned upside down.

“…the tale will transfix readers with both the adventure of the tidal wave and its aftermath and the many historical details that bring to life an isolated but close-knit fishing community … Gripping and strengthening.” – Kirkus STARRED REVIEW

Just in time for the holidays, Suzanne has written a holiday vignette about Christmas 1928 with Celia, Winnie, Eddie and Henry.


Suzanne Meade

Suzanne is a Canadian author specializing in historical fiction. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, she is passionate about telling stories that connect with girls, women, and other marginalized communities. In her spare time, she enjoys genealogy, yoga, reading, watching sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero movies, and playing video games. She currently teaches elementary school French and lives with her family and pets in Hamilton.

Thoughts on the book


This is an interesting young reader story about an earthquake and tsunami that hit Newfoundland in 1929. I had never heard of this event, and I enjoyed learning about it through the eyes of Celia and her family.


on Goodreads

…this dramatic story of one family’s fight to survive a horrific disaster, shown through the eyes of a 13-year-old, will keep 9 to 12-year-old readers engaged

CM: Canadian Review of Materials


History comes alive in the novel “A Terrible Tide” by Suzanne Meade. A disaster brings a community to it’s knees. The novel follows one family as they struggle to survive until help arrives. The story is mesmerizing as with each turn of the page we learn about their challenges and their strengths. A must read for those interested in Canadian History young and old alike.

Susan L. De Miller

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